In the dynamic landscape of disability support services, every provider and NDIS support worker must be well-versed in the NDIS Code of Conduct. These standards are pivotal in safeguarding the rights and well-being of participants. Wafii Mental Health Services, in addition to these standards, upholds its own Charter of Rights, outlining participant expectations and avenues for feedback or complaints. Let's explore the seven essential behaviors that disability support workers must embody according to the NDIS Code of Conduct.

1) Empower Participants

Aligned with the core philosophy of the NDIS, support workers are entrusted with the task of empowering participants, placing them in control of their lives and decisions regarding the services they receive.

2) Respect Privacy

With the privilege of working closely with participants comes the responsibility to respect their privacy. Unless mandatory reporting is mandated, support workers must maintain strict confidentiality regarding personal information.

3) Be Competent

Competence is a non-negotiable quality in disability support. Support workers should not only possess the necessary qualifications but also exercise the discretion to decline tasks outside their expertise or training.

4) Have Character

Trust is the bedrock of the participant-support-worker relationship. Support workers must disclose any issues with worker screening clearance or findings of professional misconduct. Transparency regarding conflicts of interest is also essential.

5) Address Issues

A commitment to quality and safety is paramount. Support workers must promptly address any identified issues to ensure swift resolution, fostering a safe and supportive environment.

6) Prevent Abuse

Recognizing the vulnerability of participants in various aspects of their lives, support workers bear the responsibility of preventing abuse. This encompasses protection from physical, emotional, or any form of exploitation.

7) Address Misconduct

Stringent background checks, including National Police Checks and, when applicable, Working with Children Checks, are essential components of the Worker Screening Check. These measures aim to prevent any potential misconduct, especially in situations involving minors.

Conclusion: Expect Exemplary Service from Your Support Workers

As participants engage with support services, they can expect the highest standards of conduct from their support workers. The competitiveness within the field ensures that participants have the right to demand excellence. In conclusion, participants should anticipate not only a fulfilling relationship but also adherence to strict standards of behavior designed to protect their rights and well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • A reputable provider or independent support worker will implement a systematic approach to ensure a positive start to the participant-support worker relationship.
  • The competitive nature of the field warrants participants to expect excellence from their chosen support workers.
  • Adherence to strict standards of conduct is mandatory for all support workers, serving as a protective framework for participants.

If you have yet to engage a support worker, we invite you to share your expectations and anticipation in the comments. Your insights contribute to a better understanding of participant needs and aspirations.