Community Outreach

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Our Community Outreach team are here to help you with the therapy you may need and assist you with your upcoming plan review. We cater for participants of all ages.

Peer Support

Peer support strives for recovery and, in doing so, it considers the wellness of the whole person. Empowering relationships, engagement in meaningful activities, and the ability to experience happiness are all part of recovery. The reduction or elimination of symptoms may be an important goal, but it is only one aspect of the person’s experience.

A peer support worker draws from their experiential knowledge, the happenings, emotions, and insights of their personal lived experience as they listen to, interact with, and support you with empathy and connectedness that comes from within. Peer support can also foster hope; hope in the possibility of a recovery that includes health, well-being, quality of life, and resilience.

Our Peer Support Workers are recovery-oriented and work in a person-centered approach, where the relationship (rather than the diagnosis) is the foundation, and services offered are focused on quality-of-life goals to promote personal growth.

Mental Health Support Worker

A Mental Health support worker can help you bring new challenges into your life, along with a great feeling of accomplishment as you overcome your challenges and develop your independence. Our support workers can see you in your home or out in the community to assist with self-care and your psycho-social needs. Personal care is provided by an appropriately trained Support Worker and

Our support workers are community-based, so they can meet in a place that suits you such as your local park, a shopping center, or your home. Here are some of the areas our Support Workers can help you with:

Relaxation and stress reduction techniques

Stress reduction techniques can range from hobby engagement, yoga, exercise, and many more strategies to engage in relaxation and therefore reduce levels of stress.

Coping strategies

Our support workers can help you explore and implement various techniques such as deep breathing, brief periods of meditation, or guided imagery to cope with stress at the moment and build on your ability to interact with the community.

Managing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

This can include support with managing your medications, appointments, budgeting, and household activities such as laundry, driving, and cooking.


Self-care includes dressing, eating, toileting, bathing, and grooming.

We provide a wide range of professional support services to help you on your journey. Our team seeks out the right treatment so that you can begin to reclaim your life today.

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