Occupational Therapy

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At Wafii, our occupational therapists are there to understand, evaluate and intervene to address the multiple factors which may be standing in your way towards a successful balance of meaningful self-care, leisure and productivity.

Occupational therapists work collaboratively with you to establish goals and assess the factors that can facilitate or challenge these goals. Occupational therapy interventions typically are focused to support change and foster independence. Interventions can include:

  • 01 Building skills and resources in activities of daily living, including budgeting and meal preparation,
  • 02 Evaluating your environment to identify and implement assistive technology to support your independence;
  • 03 Improving specific personal capacities, such as recommendations for assistive technology
  • 04 Conducting functional and safety assessments around your capacity for independent living

Our OTs at Wafii can further promote recovery by breaking tasks down into 2 fundamental aspects: clinical & social to provide more effective person-centered care.

Clinical recovery supports individuals to identify treatment goals, obtain optimal treatment and care and learn how best to manage their illness.

Social recovery goals are to restore social skills and community inclusion to promote engagement in areas of interest.

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