Speech Pathology

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We offer speech pathology services for both children and adults. Our therapists conduct a tailored program to deal with a variety of issues.

Did you know that 1 in 7 children will suffer from some type of learning disability as they grow up? Often, the problems are related to speech and language. If a child is unable to speak properly and communicates with others, then it holds back their development. Other kids pass them by, and they're left feeling alone in their class as they struggle to catch up.

No child deserves to feel like this – particularly when it's not their fault.

If your child suffers from a speech or language disability, then therapy will be highly beneficial. The bottom line is that every single school subject requires basic reading and writing skills. Children need to know how to read questions and write answers. They have to be able to listen to teachers and take commands – and they need to communicate with others as well.

Thanks to speech pathology, we can address these problems and provide the following benefits for your children:

  • 01 Improve their confidence in school by aiding their development.
  • 02 Make them more social with other children by improving their communication skills.
  • 03 Allow your child to develop at a more natural rate, so they're not playing catchup.
  • 04 Help your child gain new knowledge by teaching them how to read and write.
  • 05 Improve the quality of their life by removing a significant struggle.

We provide all of this in a friendly setting that makes your child feel comfortable. Our speech pathologist has years of experience working with kids, so they'll be in very safe and caring hands.

Adults can also suffer from various speech impediments or disabilities. Sometimes, you can go through life with an undiagnosed speech disorder. Or, you can have a problem that you've never received treatment for - either because you're embarrassed or just never got round to getting treatment.

Regardless, we offer speech therapy for adults with our speech pathologist. From stutters to reading difficulties - and everything in-between - we can help you overcome a lifelong struggle. Your life will improve dramatically when you take charge of a learning disability and work to overcome it. This can help unlock new opportunities in your life - such as new avenues of employment, and newfound confidence in yourself.

Contact us today to learn more about our speech therapy services and work with a professional speech pathologist in Sydney.

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